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AJN The American Journal of Nursing - Current Issue
AJN The American Journal of Nursing - Current Issue
AJN is the oldest and largest circulating nursing journal in the world. The Journal's mission is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the dissemination of evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information and original research, discussion of relevant and controversial professional issues, adherence to the standards of journalistic integrity and excellence, and promotion of nursing perspectives to the health care community and the public.

Anticipating a Banner Year for Nursing
imageWhat do you want to accomplish?
Milk and Molasses Enemas
No abstract available
Milk and Molasses Enemas
No abstract available
Delirium in ICU Patients
No abstract available
Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care
imageNo abstract available
The Cannabis Conundrum
imageUnderstanding a popular but still investigational medicinal plant.
States Take On High Drug Costs
imageNew laws aim to monitor and restrain price hikes.
NewsCAP: Clinical trial shows N95 respirator and medical mask provide similar protection.
No abstract available
Risk of Breast Cancer Rises with Duration of Menopausal Hormone Therapy
Elevated risk persists more than a decade after stopping hormone therapy.
NewsCAP: Consumption of soft drinks increases mortality.
No abstract available
NewsCAP: The FDA warns consumers not to drink Miracle Mineral Solution and other sodium chlorite products.
No abstract available
Growing Number of Catholic-Run Hospitals Raises Concerns
Implications for end-of-life and reproductive care.
NewsCAP: The USPSTF recommends tamoxifen, raloxifene, or aromatase inhibitors for women at high breast cancer risk.
No abstract available
Stem Cell Joint Therapy: Promising, but Not Ready for Prime Time
imageDespite burgeoning marketing efforts, evidence is scant.
AJN On the Cover
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AJN On the Web
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Adverse Effects of Dexamethasone in Surgical Patients
Editor's note: This is a summary of a nursing care–related systematic review from the Cochrane Library. For more information, see
Parkinson's Drug Doesn't Increase Prostate Cancer Risk
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that entacapone, used in the management of Parkinson's disease, does not increase the risk of prostate cancer or death from prostate cancer.The decision was based on an analysis of data from a postmarketing clinical trial conducted by the drug manufacturer and an FDA review of data from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
New Antibiotic for Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia
Lefamulin (Xenleta) is a new antibiotic approved to treat adults with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.Lefamulin's labeling warns of the risk of QT interval prolongation, the potential for fetal harm, and the risk of Clostridium difficile–associated diarrhea.
New Drug Targets Key Genetic Driver of Cancer
Entrectinib (Rozlytrek) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat adolescent and adult patients whose solid tumor cancers are related to a specific genetic defect known as neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase gene fusion, and for whom there are no effective treatments.Several warnings and precautions are listed on entrectinib's labeling, including congestive heart failure, central nervous system effects, skeletal fractures, hepatotoxicity, hyperuricemia, QT interval prolongation, vision disorders, and embryo–fetal toxicity.
No abstract available
CE: Original Research: Experiences of Diabetes Burnout: A Qualitative Study Among People with Type 1 Diabetes
imageBackground: People with type 1 diabetes are at increased risk for diabetes burnout, resulting in suboptimal diabetes care and quality of life. While the existence of diabetes burnout is widely acknowledged, there is no evidence-based definition, means of measurement, or interventions to address it. Objective: This study was aimed at increasing our understanding of the lived experiences of diabetes burnout among adults with type 1 diabetes. Methods: A qualitative descriptive study was conducted with a sample of 18 adults with type 1 diabetes who reported a current or previous experience of diabetes burnout. Data were collected using in-depth interviews and analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results: Four main themes were identified: mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion from having diabetes; detachment from illness identity, diabetes self-care, and support systems; contributing factors to diabetes burnout; and strategies for preventing or overcoming diabetes burnout. Conclusion: Although exhaustion is an entry point for diabetes burnout, the findings suggest that detachment from illness identity, diabetes self-care, and support systems form a core component. Detachment may explain poor outcomes in individuals experiencing diabetes burnout.
1.5 CE Test Hours: Original Research: Experiences of Diabetes Burnout: A Qualitative Study Among People with Type 1 Diabetes
No abstract available
CE: Hematologic Childhood Cancers: An Evidence-Based Review
imageABSTRACT: Every year in the United States, thousands of children and adolescents are diagnosed with a hematologic cancer. That diagnosis and the prescribed course of treatment profoundly affect both the child and the family. This article provides a brief overview of the therapies used to treat such cancers, describes the presentations and diagnoses of the various hematologic cancers, and explains the treatments specific to each. Nursing care of the child and family is discussed, with an emphasis on education and supportive care.
1.5 CE Test Hours: Hematologic Childhood Cancers: An Evidence-Based Review
No abstract available
Managing Pain During an Opioid Epidemic
Resources for nurses, patients, and the public.
Dietary and Feeding Modifications for Older Adults
imageThis article is part of a series, Supporting Family Caregivers: No Longer Home Alone, published in collaboration with the AARP Public Policy Institute. Results of focus groups, conducted as part of the AARP Public Policy Institute's No Longer Home Alone video project, supported evidence that family caregivers aren't given the information they need to manage the complex care regimens of family members. This series of articles and accompanying videos aim to help nurses provide caregivers with the tools they need to manage their family member's health care at home. The articles in this new installment of the series provide simple and useful instructions that nurses should reinforce with family caregivers. This article is the second of two that explain the nutritional principles nurses should consider and reinforce with caregivers. Each article includes an informational tear sheet—Information for Family Caregivers—that contains links to the instructional videos. To use this series, nurses should read the article first, so they understand how best to help family caregivers, and then encourage caregivers to watch the videos and ask questions. For additional information, see Resources for Nurses.
Air Pollution Associated with Emphysema, Worsening Lung Function
According to this study: Long-term exposure to ambient air pollutants is significantly associated with the progression of emphysema and worsening lung function.The authors note that the increased progression of emphysema secondary to ozone exposure was equal to that of 29 pack-years of smoking.
Nursing Skill Mix Inversely Associated with Critical Patient Outcomes
According to this study: A higher nursing skill mix (that is, one that includes more RNs) is associated with improvements in 12 patient outcomes.These 12 outcomes are length of stay; ulcer, gastritis, and upper gastrointestinal bleeds; acute myocardial infarction; restraint use; failure to rescue; pneumonia; sepsis; urinary tract infection; mortality/30-day mortality; pressure injury; infections (other than urinary tract infection); and shock, cardiac arrest, or heart failure.
Nonpharmacological Therapies have Modest Benefits for Adults at Risk for Suicide
According to this study: Both cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy showed a modest benefit in reducing suicidal ideation compared with treatment as usual.Cognitive behavioral therapy also reduced suicide attempts.Compared with placebo, both ketamine and lithium demonstrated a modest benefit in reducing the rate of suicide.
School-Based Telehealth Programs May Benefit Children with Chronic Diseases
According to this study: School-based telehealth programs that focus on asthma and other chronic pediatric diseases may improve the health of children living in rural and medically underserved communities.Analysis of the asthma subsample in this study showed that the telehealth program was associated with an approximately 21% relative decrease in the likelihood of ED visits.
EBP 2.0: Implementing and Sustaining Change: The Malnutrition Readmission Prevention Protocol
imageThis is the fifth article in a new series about evidence-based practice (EBP) that builds on AJN's award-winning previous series—Evidence-Based Practice, Step by Step—published between 2009 and 2011 (to access the series, go to This follow-up series features exemplars illustrating the various strategies that can be used to implement EBP changes—one of the most challenging steps in the EBP process.
What She Leaves Behind
imageCystic fibrosis and an unfinished life.
The Power of Silence
image‘The Pause’ honors patients who have passed and the medical team that cared for them.
2019 Peer Reviewers
The American Journal of Nursing is a peer-reviewed journal. Nurses and other practitioners serve as peer reviewers, sharing with us their expertise in health care, research, and all aspects of nursing practice. They are essential to ensure the quality of the manuscripts we publish. We are pleased to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who reviewed manuscripts in 2019. Copyright © 2019 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.
Respect for the Patient
Editor's note: From its first issue in 1900 through to the present day, AJN has unparalleled archives detailing nurses' work and lives over more than a century. These articles not only chronicle nursing's growth as a profession within the context of the events of the day, but they also reveal prevailing societal attitudes about women, health care, and human rights. Today's nursing school curricula rarely include nursing's history, but it's a history worth knowing. To this end, From the AJN Archives highlights articles selected to fit today's topics and times. Copyright © 2019 Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.
The Way of Johnson Tower
imageAn NP is reminded by clinic patients and their community that caring is a two-way street.

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