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AJN The American Journal of Nursing - Current Issue
AJN The American Journal of Nursing - Current Issue
AJN is the oldest and largest circulating nursing journal in the world. The Journal's mission is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the dissemination of evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information and original research, discussion of relevant and controversial professional issues, adherence to the standards of journalistic integrity and excellence, and promotion of nursing perspectives to the health care community and the public.

Mind the Facts
imageNurses must become active in protecting science and evidence-based decision making.
Forever Hold Your Peace: When Preprocedure Safety Concerns Are Missed
imageA near-miss experience highlights a limitation of time-out protocols.
Monitoring Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression
No abstract available
Monitoring Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression
No abstract available
Cultural Competence
No abstract available
Risk Tools vs. Nurse Perception
No abstract available
Risk Tools vs. Nurse Perception
No abstract available
New Immunization Initiatives Show Promise
Nurses can play an important role in improving public understanding of the benefits of vaccination.
Norepinephrine Shortage Led to Increased Deaths from Septic Shock
Though drug shortages are common, their impact is rarely studied.
From the Agencies
No abstract available
Nursing Protocol for Stroke Increases Survival, Reduces Disability
Fever, hyperglycemia, and swallowing problems were treated in the first 72 hours following stroke.
NewsCAP: Kidney and eye events in diabetes decrease with intensive glucose control
No abstract available
NewsCAP: Trans fat restrictions are associated with decreased cardiovascular events
No abstract available
An Innovative Syringe Exchange Program
imageNevada's pilot vending machine program encourages users to enter treatment programs.
NewsCAP: More states enact enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) legislation
No abstract available
NewsCAP: The presence of more certified wound care nurses is associated with fewer HAPIs
No abstract available
The Growing Trend of Medical Tourism
imageWhat nurses need to know about the risks and benefits for patients.
AJN On the Cover
imageNo abstract available
AJN On the Web
No abstract available
Does Chewing Gum Promote Bowel Function After Cesarean Section?
Editor's note: This is a summary of a nursing care–related systematic review from the Cochrane Library. For more information, see .
New Drug For Multiple Sclerosis
* Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) is now approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with relapsing or primary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). * It is the first FDA-approved drug to treat primary progressive MS.
New Drug Approved For Parkinson's Disease
* Safinamide (Xadago) is the newest drug approved for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. * It is used as adjunct therapy with levodopa/carbidopa when symptoms are not well controlled by that medication alone.
Injectable Drug Approved for Moderate-to-Severe Eczema
* Dupilumab (Dupixent) is now approved to treat moderate-to-severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) in adults whose eczema is not sufficiently controlled by topical therapies or who cannot receive topical therapies. * Dupilumab is administered weekly as a subcutaneous injection and can be used with or without topical corticosteroids.
No abstract available
CE: Health and the Human Microbiome: A Primer for Nurses
image The profound impact of the human microbiome on health makes it imperative that nurses understand the basic structures and functions of the various microbial communities. In studying the human microbiome, advances in DNA and RNA sequencing technology offer benefits over traditional culture-based methods. Such technology has permitted more thorough investigations of microbial communities, particularly those of the gastrointestinal (GI) and female reproductive tracts. Although individual variations exist, each site exhibits distinct compositions. The diverse GI microbiota aid in digestion, mood regulation, and vitamin synthesis. While many factors affect the composition and functions of the GI microbiota, diet likely exerts the strongest influence. Vaginal microbiota tend to be less diverse, and mainly serve to protect women from infection. The composition of the vaginal microbiota is influenced by sexual activity, hygienic practices, medications, smoking, and other factors. Our increasing knowledge about the structures and functions of the GI and vaginal microbiota allows nurses to provide targeted, evidence-based education and care for various populations.
1.5 CE Test Hours: Health and the Human Microbiome: A Primer for Nurses
imageNo abstract available
CE: Early Intervention in Patients with Poststroke Depression
image Nearly one-third of stroke survivors experience depression. Poststroke depression is associated with longer hospital stays, poor physical and cognitive recovery, poor quality of life, high caregiver distress, increased risk of recurrent stroke, and higher rates of morbidity and mortality. Poststroke depression, however, often goes unrecognized and untreated because the physical and cognitive repercussions of stroke make it difficult to identify. Nurses are well positioned to recognize poststroke depression, educate patient caregivers, and aid patients who have poststroke depression in their efforts to achieve physical, cognitive, and emotional recovery. This article explains how poststroke depression often manifests, describes associated risk factors, and discusses the screening tools and therapeutic interventions nurses can use to identify and help manage depression in patients following stroke.
1.5 CE Test Hours: Early Intervention in Patients with Poststroke Depression
imageNo abstract available
The Growing Need for Diverse Blood Donors
image Research shows that phenotype matching can improve the outcomes of people who receive repeated transfusions. In addition, the demographics of the United States are shifting, and more ethnically and racially diverse donors are needed. These factors have health implications and require ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and adequate U.S. blood supply. Nurses can help to develop and implement strategies to increase the number and diversity of blood donors, ensuring donations better match the needs of transfusion recipients daily and in the event of a public health emergency.
Could Emotional Intelligence Make Patients Safer?
image The vast majority of medical errors occurring each year involve faulty communication. For this reason, it's essential that we identify skills that support accurate communication and information transfer as well as optimum patient-centered care, team function, and patient safety. Research in nursing and other disciplines has demonstrated that emotional intelligence abilities improve communication, support constructive conflict resolution, and improve individual and team performance. Although further studies are needed, these findings suggest emotional intelligence ability can positively affect patient safety.
The Significant and the Superficial
Updated several times a week with posts by a wide variety of authors, AJN’s blog Off the Charts allows us to provide more timely—and often more personal—perspectives on professional, policy, and clinical issues. Best of the Blog will be a regular column to draw the attention of AJN readers to posts we think deserve a wider audience. To read more, please visit: .
Ethical Nursing Care When the Terminally Ill Patient Seeks Death
imageNo abstract available
There from the Start: A Hospice Nurse Looks Back
imageDianne Puzycki has worked for the first U.S. hospice since its inception.
Exercise and Psychological Interventions are Best for Cancer-Related Fatigue
According to this study: * Exercise and psychological interventions are more effective than pharmaceutical options and should be first-line treatment for cancer-related fatigue. * Study results suggest that certain types of intervention may be more effective at different points in the cancer treatment trajectory.
Internet-Delivered Intervention Is Beneficial for Chronic Knee Pain
According to this study: * For patients with chronic knee pain, an online intervention combining physiotherapist-prescribed exercise and pain-coping skills training provides meaningful improvement in pain and function that is sustained for at least nine months. * The authors conclude that this intervention could provide a safe, effective, and viable alternative to traditional treatment delivery for participants in rural and urban areas.
Lack of Paid Sick Leave Reduces Use of Preventive Health Care Services
According to this study: * Workers without paid sick leave are significantly less likely to undergo recommended annual health screenings compared with those who have paid sick leave. * Lack of paid sick leave is a barrier to accessing health care services, even when preventive screenings are free.
Health Effects Following the Suicide of a Spouse
According to this study: * Surviving partners of those who died by suicide subsequently have a higher risk of a mental health disorder compared with both the general population and spouses who are bereaved because of other causes. * Spousal suicide can impact the surviving partner's physical health and mortality risk.
Omission of High-Alert Medications: A Hidden Danger
imageThe Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System is a confidential, statewide Internet reporting system to which all Pennsylvania hospitals, outpatient-surgery facilities, birthing centers, and abortion facilities must file information on incidents and serious events. Safety Monitor is a column from Pennsylvania's Patient Safety Authority, the authority that informs nurses on issues that can affect patient safety and presents strategies they can easily integrate into practice. For more information on the authority, visit . For the original article discussed in this column or for other articles on patient safety, click on “Patient Safety Advisories” and then “Advisory Library” in the left-hand navigation menu.
An Inconsolable Loss
imageA nurse's injury costs her far more than mobility.

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Staffing startup Nomad Health opens platform to nurses
There will be an estimated shortage of 1.2 million nurses in the U.S. by 2022. But Nomad Health's CEO thinks his platform can help solve that problem.
Columbia's new nursing facility seeks 'iconic identity'
Columbia University School of Nursing's new facility will open this fall with 12 high-tech simulation rooms, allowing nurses to practice in a range of realistic care settings before going out into the field.
CMS may repeal ban on nursing home arbitration agreements
The Trump administration hinted to consumer organizations last week that it may repeal an Obama-era regulation that prohibits nursing homes from requiring patients to enter binding arbitration agreements.
Pennsylvania bill would expand role of nurse practitioners
Pennsylvania is considering legislation that would allow nurse practitioners to practice in rural or underserved areas without the supervision of a physician.
Judge halts $347 million false claims payment order for SNFs
An order requiring 53 skilled-nursing facilities to return more than $347 million in false claims would cause 183 centers to "collapse," a federal judge said.
U.S. Supreme Court questions validity of arbitration agreements for nursing homes
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday questioned the validity of arbitration agreements used by nursing homes in a case involving Kindred Healthcare.
Kindred replacing physical nursing homes with 'virtual portfolio'
Kindred is selling its 91 skilled-nursing homes and will implement a new strategy that relies upon preferred partnerships with other nursing home operators to ensure a smooth patient handoff..
VA finalizes rule that expands scope of nurse practice
The Veteran Affairs Department believes the rule will make it easier for veterans to be seen by medical professionals. The American Medical Association is one of the physician groups that says it "lowers" the standard of care.
Albert Wright named president and CEO of West Virginia University Medicine, and other moves
Albert Wright has been promoted to president and CEO of West Virginia University Medicine. He replaces Dr. Christopher Colenda, who retired in August.
Could replacing nurses with nursing assistants pose risks to patients?
The study is salient as hospitals look for ways to cut costs, including by changing the skill mix of nursing staff by hiring assistants with less training.
Kindred pays $700 million for 36 nursing homes it will sell
Kindred Healthcare has agreed to pay Ventas $700 million for 36 nursing homes Ventas owns and leases to Kindred. The deal frees Kindred to sell them so Kindred can eventually exit the nursing home business.
Kindred is exiting the skilled-nursing home business
Kindred Healthcare is exiting the skilled-nursing home business to focus on its better-performing home health, rehabilitation and long-term acute-care hospital units, the company announced Monday.
Nursing home arbitration ruling expected Nov. 7
A federal rulemaking finalized by the Obama administration earlier this year prohibits nursing facilities from entering binding arbitration agreements before a dispute arises. The provision went much further than the restrictions proposed in the...
Nominations sought for Excellence in Nursing Awards
The deadline to submit nominations for Modern Healthcare's second annual Excellence in Nursing Awards has been extended to Oct. 31.
Allina Health nurses ratify new contract
A majority of rank-and-file members of the Minnesota Nurses Association ratified the agreement Thursday, just days after Gov. Mark Dayton intervened and called both sides back to the bargaining table.

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